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@sservice       It looks to me like the theme isn’t loading quite right, so maybe it’s having a theme/font type problem.  Possibly it’s looking for a certain font and when it’s missing it’s just silently failing.  Some applications are only tested local from the system console, and need a bit of tweaking.    The technique that I use in this case is to put in a few lines of debugging information in the script that calls this application and compare NX 3 vs NX 4.   In this case I would check for fonts and for environmental variables.  So, something like:

echo “DEBUG: fonts start here” > /tmp/nx4.log

xlsfonts | sort >> /tmp/nx4.log

echo “DEBUG: environmental variables here” >> /tmp/nx4.log

env | sort >> /tmp/nx4.log


Then just diff the two files.