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NoMachine can’t replace a Windows Terminal Server computer or make any Windows computer become a Windows Terminal Server. Even if it was possible to overcome the technical limitations, this would still be in violation of the Windows licensing terms. In fact both XenApp and Citrix WinFrame/ MetaFrame, as they were formerly called, require a Windows Terminal Server to operate.

Because of the high cost of licensing of Windows Terminal Server and the need to have a Windows Client Access License for every client accessing the server, this is not the way we suggest our clients to deliver Windows applications to multiple users. What we suggest is creating multiple Windows instances virtualized on top of popular hypervisors like Xen, KVM or VMware, install the applications to be delivered in the virtualized Windows environment, install the Enterprise Desktop on each instance and add each instance to a NoMachine Cloud Server. You can then create the required user profiles on the Cloud Server to let the user access only the application to which he/she subscribed. NoMachine lets you control exactly to which virtual machine or application the user will have access, plus scripting tools to tell the server what it must run when the user connects or disconnects.

All NoMachine Enterprise servers can deliver as many Windows instances as you like, federated in a high-availability cluster. This includes the NoMachine Cloud Server, letting users access whatever application using a Web browser.