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No issues with the node packages – just observation, I assumed they’re the same. I suppose depending on the license it will behave differently.

Can you please provide the commands you gave on the server to add the node and the corresponding output? More than being sensitive to the hostname given, can be that the node was not added due to some other reasons.

Nodes were added fine but I found their performance degraded if any changes were made on the node which lives on the same machine where also NX server lives.

I was changing some logging options (destination and log level) on the nodes and found that nodes would randomly start to run extremely slowly even when I’d revert changes. I still didn’t figure out which change would cause this. Restarting of NXServer daemon would fix it but is not the nicest way to solve this. I will test a bit more and come back about it.

available desktops still show physical desktops
This is a bug. If the PhysicalDesktopSharing key is disabled is the server configuration, users must not see the physical desktop listed among the available sessions.

I disabled PhyscialDesktopSharing in server.cfg, restarted nxserver but I still get physical desktops offered in session list.

I’m already using VirtualGL with version 3.5 without problems and was hoping there’s an automatic way now to provide 3D acceleration in version 4. Is there any time frame when it would be available? Thanks for help!