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I understand where you’re coming from, and your suggestions are valid proposals. Two buttons, though, is not possible because we need the space for another button (in a future version). There is actually a dropdown box which appears with a long key press. Changing how that menu is visualized would mean changing it for all other buttons which have menus activated with long key presses, and in some of those cases having a menu appear immediately would interfere with what’s below it all the time. The UI you see is the result of a lot of painstaking design and thought, and it’s not so easy to change things overnight, but we will put our thinking caps on 🙂

Would a brief guide be useful for your users? We can certainly add one and then you can point your users to it.Another solution could be to disable desktop sharing if your users only need access to their own sessions. You can do this in profiles. This won’t disactivate the button, but regardless of whether they are enticed to clicking “My desktops” or not, they will only ever see their own.