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Hello esarmien!
I have to say that you are the first person to have reported this particular problem of the label not being clear. The UI has been designed so that the user, when landing on the desktop list, shouldn’t have to click anything other than click the session that belongs to him. Of course, this won’t stop the user from exploring what buttons do and so on!

Let’s not confuse ‘stateful buttons’ (View, Order by, My/All desktops), which let you configure how you want to view the desktop list, and ‘action buttons’ (e.g New desktop, Back, Connect) which prompt you to do something.

All the state buttons follow the same logic, i.e. the icon you see in the button is the configuration that you have in front of you. So when you see “My desktops”, you are already viewing your desktops. Adding a verb to the button, if there was space, wouldn’t solve the problem for the handful of your users who click on it. They would still click on it because they believe that by clicking on it they will see their desktops, when in fact they are already seeing their desktops.

As Britgirl mentioned, changing the logic of one button, means changing it for all the other buttons. What we need to come up with is a better label that communicates that your are already viewing your own desktops, and that by clicking on the button you will view yours and everybody else’s.

The suggestion provided by Britgirl about disabling desktop sharing could be a viable workaround if your users don’t need to share. In the meantime, we’ll evaluate what other options are possible to improve this label.

Thanks anyway for your suggestions and comments.