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Just to add another person’s perspective…

I also find this confusing.  Firstly, I don’t believe it is very common to use stateful buttons but I don’t review software for a living so perhaps it’s more commonly used than I would suspect due to my particular software usage.

However, whenever I do see stateful buttons I have rarely seen them mixed with action buttons without some visual cue distinguishing them so the user immediately is aware that something is different about them.

I found myself hovering the pointer over the buttons in the hopes that I would get some sort of ‘tooltip’ (or whatever terminology you prefer) providing some hint of how to use the button to accomplish what I was after.  I had no idea that the longpress was even an option until I read this thread.  Having a hint which states ‘Click and hold to see all options’ or something similar would reveal the functionality.

An example is the Sort button in the connection panel.  I clicked it and saw the icon changing and the sort order changing, but I didn’t know that I could longpress and I didn’t know what the changing icons on the button meant.  So I was basically guessing what each sort mode was actually doing.

I would like to say I definitely appreciate the UI changes as a whole – this is a big improvement over 3.x.  However, there are a few rough edges here and there and my colleagues have express frustration when using the new 4.x client because there is functionality in the UI that isn’t very discoverable.  I realize there are the hint screens but many people I know prefer to call them nag screens and immediately search for the checkbox to ‘don’t show this again’.  Sure, they shouldn’t do that without being sure what the screen says but they do it anyway.

Thanks for listening!