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I am using Yosemite 10.10.1.

I don’t believe I have any applications installed that use the ctrl key as a hot key.  I initially found the problem in XCode when trying to ctrl-click gui elements in the storyboard, but I have done some further testing and found I can use the ctrl key in th xcode editor and other applications, but from that point on, my left click always acts as a right click and the only way I can stop that is from reconnecting.  For example, in chrome, if i click on the address bar and use ctrl-a to go to the start of the line, from that point on all left clicks will act as right clicks.

From what I have read, ctrl click is a system wide function in OSX for allowing right click functionality, but theres something obviously going wrong here.  I am trying functions which work fine on the native machine, but will not work through NoMachine.

Since my first post I have also tried using karabiner (formerly keyremap4macbook) to change ctrl click functionality to just a left click, but this also doesnt help the problem I am having when using NoMachine.

I suspect NoMachine is trying to do something in the background to cater for this ctrl-click functionality in OSX but is not quite getting it right.