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An FYI for dawsonfi … I just downloaded NoMachine Free Version at home and have been trying it out with my machines here:

I run VMware Workstation on my XP-Pro-64 desktop – and I was able to launch NoMachine remote sessions between the desktop and an XP-Pro-32 VM.

But I got the “No Available sessions on this server” error trying to connect to a Windows 7 laptop and an XP-Pro-32 laptop from my desktop machine.  I also noticed that the NoMachine monitor icon was not available in the System Tray on the laptops.

In my case, I believe the problem occurred because I had installed NoMachine remotely on the laptops from inside RDP sessions.

I logged in locally on the laptops – uninstalled NoMachine – then reinstalled NoMachine … and I am now able to launch remote sessions to both of them … and their NoMachine monitor icon is in the tray where it belongs.

Hope it helps – CBruce