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Hi, thanks for your feedback, it’s much appreciated.

– make minimize default when clicking in corner (like in NX 3): Once setup I rarely need to reach the NX menu but often need to switch back to the host

There is a “Show extended icons in the page peel” (you set it via the Menu -> Input -> Use action icons in the page-peel) . This gives access to the screen manipulation icons without having to open the full menu. Or open the full menu and click on the minimize icon on the bottom. We can’t just make “click in the corner” the action to minimize. If we do that we have the big problem of finding a replacement for opening the menu. Such a replacement must be easily accessible on all platforms, intuitive and not overlapping with any common action that the user is normally performing on the system. It is not by casuality that both the latest Windows and the latest OS X are recurring to “click the edge of the screen to…” actions. It was one of the few actions remained not taken by something else.

– add an exit button to the NX menu: only way to exit on Windows is to use ALT-F4 or switch to task manager and kill-it.

Open the menu, click on the “Disconnect” icon you find on the extreme right, just below the “Done” button. I assume you are talking about a NX window displaying full screen. If the session runs in a overlapped window you just close the window.

– add a Restart service button to NX Service: when changing some settings it says to restart the service – but I don’t know how.

Good point. We’ll made the “restart the service” notice a link. Clicking on the link will restart the server (after the confirmation).

– why is the menu full screen/over other windows and not a regular window?

Are you asking why is the menu an overlay and not a window that you can move inside the remote desktop?  Because it is not part of the remote desktop, but part of the viewer. We need to create a clear separation between what is happening locally and what is happening remotely. Most users would be confused by a “Stop” button appearing inside the scene of the movie they are watching. 😉