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Ok, thank you for your answer!


Dear NoMachine, what you think about the same behavior as ssh do:

ssh -o “StrictHostKeyChecking no” <ip>


Because I see for example this situation:

I use Nomachine Enterprise as Load Balancer, 15 Terminal Nodes, and 500-1000-10000 terminal clients. In one day I decide to increase Nodes count, so all 500-1000-10000 terminal clients will see the Warning about the keys. This terminal clients is a “readonly thin clients (kiosk mode)” with firmware made by me, so I could switch some option nxplayer.cfg to disable this warning, for example. In another way I will FLASH ALL this thin clients again to add Keys in the firmware.

I know that I can “replace keys on the server side”, but it is “not secure” too 😉 😉