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Hi titan,

I just stopped nxd, deleted nxd.log and then restarted nxd so that you can have a clean log file to take a look at. I also tried to connect to it from my Windows 7 client with no success. Below is all in the nxd.log.

Info: Server started with pid 17603 on Sat Nov 2 14:51:28 2013.
Info: Listening for connections on any interface on port 4000.
Info: Accepting connections from any host with encryption enabled.

It doesn’t look like it received any connection request. On my NX client window, it displayed:
Could not connect to the server.
Error is 138: Connection timed out

If we cannot resolve this due to network setting for port 4000, can we possibly enable SSH port 22 on the NX server? Again, I’m using the non-enterprise version 4.0.360 for 64-bit.

Thanks for your help!