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After disabling the iptables service on my installation (Centos 6.4 i686 +NX server (4.0.362) and Windows 7 64bit client) it works.


The ssh tunneling, as per link, also works, while the direct ssh does not, stating the ssh is not enabled on the server. Shouldn’t ssh be enalbled by default?

Yes, on servers that support it, like the Workstation version. The free version only supports NX connections and, if you look back, other replies stated that.

Also the session on the client asks me if I want to switch to NX protocol and does not present an option/button to generate a client side log.

The client says that SSH is not supported by the server and proposes to switch to the NX protocol. I think offering the option to download a bunch of verbose logs actually telling the same wouldn’t be any more user friendly.