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I am still trying to get the latest non-enterprise version 4.0.360 for 64-bit to work for my centos as server and Windows 7 as client. No success so far.
What I’ve tried are as below:

Right out-of-box for both server and client with NX protocol, connection timed out. If I connect client and the server on the same centos machine, it works.
Somehow, I think that the NX protocol on port 4000 does not work for me if the client is on a Windows 7.

When switching to SSH protocol by adding SSH to ClientConnectionMethods in server.cfg, I can get the login, but then got “Error is: SSH connections are not supported on this server.”. By reading the doc, it appeared to me that SSH protocol is not supported in the non-enterprise version.

Any guidance on what to try the next…