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3. it has a performance bug. if there is low traffic, the incoming stream pauses for 1 second every 2-3 or so seconds. If there is a fullscreen video playing instead consuming a bigger amount of bandwidth, it doesnt do those pauses. it is especially evident when you start to play an mp3 on an otherwise static remote desktop, it then stutters so much that it is unbearably and it is useless to listen to. one workaround that i found is if I hold a finger on the ipad screen continually scrolling it around then the stuttering stops and it is fluid. I guess some kind of connection “sleeping” happens when there’s low traffic and no touching activity.


We have reproduced this and have commenced investigation.


Is h264 support included with the iOS client or not? (I couldn’t find any information about that)?


No, it’s not available in the current version.