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I use it on my ipad 2 ios 8.1 and I have these issues:

(virtual desktop, not physical)

1. there is no h264 support, only vp8 which degrades performance. Is vp8 hardware decoded on the ios and ipad?

2. because of the above, the performance is considerably slow, is there a way to make it run fluid enough and snappy enough? it is very delayed right now and I see no reason why there is this delay on a local LAN. with a 0.1 ms wifi link there should not be any delay whatsoever especially in the low quality settings. if you can do that then it will make it the best remote hands and shoulders above the rest.

3. it has a performance bug. if there is low traffic, the incoming stream pauses for 1 second every 2-3 or so seconds. If there is a fullscreen video playing instead consuming a bigger amount of bandwidth, it doesnt do those pauses. it is especially evident when you start to play an mp3 on an otherwise static remote desktop, it then stutters so much that it is unbearably and it is useless to listen to. one workaround that i found is if I hold a finger on the ipad screen continually scrolling it around then the stuttering stops and it is fluid. I guess some kind of connection “sleeping” happens when there’s low traffic and no touching activity.

4 the software keyboard for some reason stutters a lot (freezes for a second) while typing. this is irritating and i make all kinds of mistakes.

5. bluetooth keyboard support is not working correctly. almost none of the keys pass through to the server and certainly none meta keys do. please fix this as it is the single most important function of remote desktop, you can never do real work without a full keyboard. Full, including everything, meta, alt,ctrl, esc, tab, even super. else its just a toy. Please fix it too.

6. and of course a full software keyboard is needed. Full keys, all of the standard US layout. arrows, ctrl, alt, super, home, end, prntscreen etc. that would be great.

Please take these reports seriously.


ipad 2, ios 8.1, nx client latest (dont know which)


arch linux 64bit, enterprise evaluation, x264 library compiled in and working with other nx clients, kde