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Hi NeK.

4 the software keyboard for some reason stutters a lot (freezes for a second) while typing. this is irritating and i make all kinds of mistakes.

We’re not aware of such a problem so we’ve started an investigation, thank you for reporting it.

5. bluetooth keyboard support is not working correctly. almost none of the keys pass through to the server and certainly none meta keys do. please fix this as it is the single most important function of remote desktop, you can never do real work without a full keyboard. Full, including everything, meta, alt,ctrl, esc, tab, even super. else its just a toy. Please fix it too.

A better support for bluetooth keyboard is in the pipeline, we’ll release something soon.

6. and of course a full software keyboard is needed. Full keys, all of the standard US layout. arrows, ctrl, alt, super, home, end, prntscreen etc. that would be great.

This is currently in testing phase and as I said in my answer to mia, it’ll be included in the next release.