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1. It is not so responsive.  I tried to run another 3.5 client to connect back to my old 3.5 server, and it is very responsive…so it is unlikely a network issue.  Any setting in 4.0 to optimize the connectivity for latency so that it will be more responsive?

Have you tried tweaking the display settings (menu -> display -> display settings). In version 4 the new protocol is much better at handling modern applications which are considered more “graphic-intensive” (more details about the new protocol are here:

In 4.1 we have implemented a new optional “lightweight mode” for thin-clients and for client and server machines with lower HW characteristics.

2. Sometimes, when I pressed ctrl+c or ctrl+x, they got translated into 10+ ‘c’ or 10+ ‘x’. I never have such problem with 3.5.

We will investigate this.