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You posted to say NX 4 is lagging. I don’t think it’s lagging in any way. I challenge you to show me a remote desktop system that is less “laggy” than NX 4. I think that, for other people reading this forum and that may have the experience of other remote desktop systems that, compared to NX 4, are WAY MORE lagging in every respect it was important to put your statement in the right context.

When I upgraded to NX 4.x from 3.5 I didn’t know such a big revamp in NX, otherwise, I would just stick with NX 3.5 (though it is no longer available)….

NX 3.5 is available, now, in the form of lightweight mode for version 4. From our benchmarks the lightweight mode is even faster than 3.5, at the protocol level, since it benefits from many additional X protocol optimizations that never went into 3, plus all the goodies and the rewritten core that went into 4.

I will see whether I can somehow get LXDE on CentOS 6 (currently not available in its official repository)….

Well, it seems the the world is moving forward. People willing to run a terminal or an IDE in Linux are becoming a shrinking minority. Probably they are insufficient, numerically and financially, to keep a company or even a small development team afloat.