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I think I am the minority (though I am surprised that majority needs to remote back to watch netflix and play video games).

There is a minority of the total computing population that needs or likes remote desktops. In that minority there is a majority that would like to do with a remote desktop the same things it does with a real computer. So, no pun intended, we can say that you are in the minority of the minority.

The success of AirPlay or the buzz created by OnLive or Sony Remote Play demonstrate that there is a significant interest in a big part of the computing population for “remoting” things. Speaking for myself, I already narrated in another post that I have a couple of iMacs I use as TV sets. I find it very handy to be able to watch the MotoGP on the laptop when I’m dining, since in the dining room there is no iMac.  For me the ability to use NoMachine this way is a killer feature. I use the same iMacs with various virtual machines for development. All my development activity takes place from remote, on the command line, where a terminal and ssh serve me well. If the purpose of remoting was to help this my development activity, I would not need NoMachine or a remote desktop and even less I would be willing to pay for it.