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I checked the lightweight mode on the server by looking at the node.cfg file, it was off and I tried turning it on.  shutdown/startup after change no effect.

There is nothing in the logs, through GNOME I simply choose System-Log out .. get the screen I sent you and their is no response. There are 4 of us using the FREE windows client to access our Linux servers; the 4.1.29_1 client and the 4.2.17_13 client have the same behavior around this issue. When we were using 4.1.29_7 on the server and there was no issue for any of us using the 4.1.29_1 client.  As soon as we went to 4.2.17_13 on the server this behavior started.

At this point we are monitoring our session will nxserver –list and terminating from the server.