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Definitely yes. Much better support for DirectX and games is coming soon. We are testing with different DirectX and OS versions (9/10/11, XP, Vista, 7 and 8). I think we are one or two months from completion.

I know this program wasn’t exactly made for games/gaming in general

Let me say that NoMachine is not specifically about gaming (a gaming-only solution would have been much simpler and would have required much less time and effort), but we want people to do whatever they do with their computers on remote computers. Gaming is one of the most important thing people do with computers, so it is absolutely paramount. Gaming and watching media. I’m not much a gamer, but I have an old iMac with a TV tuner at home working as TV set. I use NoMachine to watch the TV in other rooms. As a user and a developer, I’ve spent months to ensure I could watch the TV as smoothly as I could do front of the real thing. It’s not perfect and there are tons of improvements we want to do, but to be a sort of 1.0 it’s not bad. This is the kind of use we want people to do with NoMachine.