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Not related to NoMachine. It is the same issue for which Red Hat recently released a patch. The package version, which you are using, contains a bug that caused applications using librsvg2 to crash when loading certain SVG images.

dmesg indicates:nautilus[34443] general protection ip:30c022633c sp:7fff602653e0 error:0 in[30c0200000+37000]

nautilus[34450] general protection ip:30c022633c sp:7fff1a19ab10 error:0 in[30c0200000+37000]

We advise you to patch your system with the latest fix from Red Hat. The advisory they issued was: Updated librsvg2 packages that fix one security issue are now available for Red Hat Enterprise Linux 6.

If you have a Red Hat subscription, you can get more details here:

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