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I have the “No available sessions…” error showing up on the client. I am running a fresh install of Centos6.4 and have installed an X environment on a headless VPS (OpenVZ) and I followed the directions here to setup the headless server:

Everything goes fine until the last command to start the gnome desktop manager. It fails to start properly – from .xsession-errors:

gnome-session[10429]: WARNING: Unable to determine session: Unable to lookup session information for process ‘10429’

Xlib: extension “RANDR” missing on display “:0”.




and from the NX server log:

2014-03-07 03:26:12 848.159 NXNODE-4.1.29[2283] ERROR: shutdown: cannot remove a

gent authority cookies, giving up

2014-03-07 03:26:12 849.031 NXNODE-4.1.29[2283] ERROR: session monitor: cleaning

session files: cannot remove dir ‘/home/paraic/.nx/

5281CA00E82EAAADAC8250260D8F799/pids’: No such file or directory

That dir at /home/paraic doesn’t exist and the .nx is owned by user paraic and perms 700.

So when I connect occasionally I will get the basic desktop but its in suspend mode and I can’t click on anything on it.

Any ideas or other things to check?