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First, for any other reader’s benefit, the command process is:

Show the connection status -> Connection preferences -> Performance

Second, that did allow the graphics to work correctly.

I have a Quadro K1100M with NVIDIA driver 331.82.

FIX:  I updated to the newest driver 341.05 and now it works with hardware acceleration on.

The reason I am interested in NoMachine  is for the hardware acceleration ability, so I need it on.

A few questions:

1) When interacting with the remote desktop, I get a lot of OS ding sounds (like each time an app is started, new window is created) – known issue, way to resolve?

2) When you logout of the remote desktop (logout of Windows), the image does not update to the login screen, you are stuck at the image just before logout.  Is this by design?  Seems like a bug to me.

3) Do the graphics options in preferences apply only for serving?   In other words, if I make a change on my client !M, will that affect how the server streams the graphics?  (The UI is not clear on this matter.)

4) In Performance preferences, there are options for framerate and display encoding, and both are unchecked by default.  If these are unchecked (i.e., no specification made), what values are they using?

Thanks for the prompt response.