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I also followed the instructions here for NoMachine_4.2.26

And was able to get the basic functionality to work on an AWS debian instance. On AWS, typically an “admin” or “ec2-user” is provided with sudo privileges. My goal is to allow NoMachine access to a gnome desktop as the ec2-user.

Following the KnowledgeBase article as “root”, then I can connect to a desktop using nxplayer — but *only* as the “root” user.¬†(To make this work I also had to modify /usr/NX/etc/server.cfg and change the default values for: ¬†VirtualDesktopAuthorization 0, and PhysicalDesktopAuthorization 0)

If I try to follow the KnowledgeBase procedure as the “ec2-user” then the nxserver –restart fails.

> /usr/NX/bin/nxserver –restart
NX> 500 ERROR: Only a user with administrative privileges
NX> 500 ERROR: can use option: restart.

Running nxserver –restart as sudo does work, but then the proper Desktop connections are not displayed in nxplayer.

Is there any way to provide a headless Desktop connection to a non-root user?