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Security risk? Remote access now involves unlocking my desktop

NoMachine now works as traditional remote access software, which is what Mac, Windows and Linux users expect, as long as these users are looking for a remote access software. NoMachine should provide the option of blanking the screen and locking the keyboard and mouse while an unattended computer is engaged in a connection. We are working on this. It turned out to be a bit trickier than one would have expected. If the computer is on a table where there are others that walk and see what is displayed, you should probably look for a terminal server that the free NoMachine 4 is not.

I can no longer choose which desktop I login into remotely I just use the one the user is connected to.

The Workstation and all the Terminal Server versions work as terminal servers, by creating sessions running in the background. These are terminal servers, intended for the enterprise market. The free 3 worked as a terminal server limited to 2 users. This functionality is no longer available in the free version.

Is there a way to login to a different desktop/user and im a way where my physical pc is not needed to be unlocked (like NX 3.x) ?

Yes, install the Workstation edition or run a virtual X server as explained here:

We have added a new configuration key to the server in the next update, so that users can specify to which display NoMachine must connect. You can run a virtual X server on :1 and tell NoMachine to connect to it, rather than the physical display on :0. This :1 will run in the background, so others can’t see what is displayed. This is the way VNC also works, so, free for free, you get a widely better software for the same price.