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Hi snejok, from this post:

Under “more quality of image” I mean fonts blurring (

you will see that we are working on improving text rendering.

option key=”Link speed” value=”wan” is  a legacy setting and only takes effect when connecting to a 3.5 server. If you are connecting to a server 4, the setting option key=”Link quality” value=”7″  is used.  Changing it to 9 (this corresponds to the slider being on the far right in Display settings) will give better image quality, but will also require more bandwidth.

As Fra81 explained in his reply to the topic quoted above,

“The slider can be changed according to the quality of image that you prefer. By default it is set in the middle. Moving it to the right edge will activate lossless encoding. This should make fonts sharper….Additionally, you can also check the box ‘Disable multi pass encoding’ to avoid progressive refinement of the screen image.  Disabling this refinement sends the image directly with the target quality (set in the slider).”