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1. Is there a setting for “fullscreen across all monitors” in the player.cfg?  I’m setting “Window state” to “fullscreen” in the config file and the client only uses one monitor.

Not at the moment.

2. Is there documentation for the settings?  For example, how do the “Background *” and “Wave background image” values work?

No. The .cfg configuration files are generally for internal use of the software. The preferred way for configuring the NoMachine client is the graphical interface.

3. Despite setting General/LinkQuality in a saved configuration to 9, the value won’t “take”.  It is necessary to drop the value down, apply it, then push the value back up and apply it.  Connecting seems to always connect at some default lower value.

Could you send the server and client logs from a session showing this issue? You can send them to issues (at) nomachine (dot) com.

As a follow-up to point (1) – I’m finding the full screen behaviour is very strange.  I’ve a two screen set-up and setting the size via both -geometry on the command line and the “Window geometry” in the player.cfg results in it popping up the correct size for about half a second, before it jumps to the right, making the right side of the window completely inaccessible.  This is all running without a window manager – I’m trying to set up a kiosk-style environment.

I’ve just tried and reproduced a similar issue. We’ll address this problem.