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We’ve been trying to get NoMachine 4.3.30 working with Gnome 3, but no luck.  A physical server connection works somewhat, except that there’s a blue flashing sort of artifact that completely destroys usability.  As the mouse is moved around on the screen and different UI elements gain focus, large parts of the screen will turn blue or black.  Seems to be some sort of colormap or layering issue?

Is that a virtual machine? If so, what virtualization software are you using?
If it is not a virtual machine, what is your graphics card? Did you install proprietary drivers?

A virtual server connection does not have this problem, but it’s very slow.  If one right clicks on the desktop background, it takes many seconds before the background menu is displayed.  Completely unusable.  As a wild guess, maybe Gnome 3′s GPU operations are being emulated slowly in software instead?

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