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Rescuing the topic:
first apologize for the language, if something is not well understood, is the translator of google.
NoMachine I have been using since version 4.2.25 and 4.2.27 currently, I have more or less the same problem and searching the internet I found forums in 2012 describing exactly the same problem.

Really, my problem is that the graphical environment is frozen, can disconnect from the remote machine and re-connect without problems, equipment and service NX continue to respond correctly, the environment becomes unresponsive.

I’m currently using debian testing environment with cinnamon.
case problem was I tried graphical environment matte and xfce and also has happened to me.

case was the system, I come from very different test configurations as “antergos (archlinux)
Manjaro (archlinux)
LMDE (debian)
“linux mint (debian / ubuntu)
solydXK (debian)
and probably some other I forget, different operating systems, with different kernels and different desktop environments with one thing in common, NoMachine.

so is that if I can, after 1000 go crazy and try different configurations and search the internet, confirm that the problem is triggered by NX Nomachine. It is a problem that does not always happen, maybe I can be an entire morning working remotely without any freezing, or other day, I just connect and after 2 minutes the environment freezes, I can move the mouse, and if pressure “ctrl + alt + f2 “I switch to restart the computer terminal. but it is very annoying.

I really like the performance NoMachine, and in spite of having purchased license teamviewer, I like that the application is native to linux NoMachine unlike the botched teamviewer requiring wine, and ease of NoMachine on a package as “deb or rpm . but if you do not fix it I see I changed to look for other solutions.

Please tell me how I can help to try to solve this problem.