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I didn’t notice a separate package for the free version.
I downloaded mine from this link:

Here is the version info:
/usr/NX/bin/nxserver –version
NoMachine – Version 4.0.362

I attached the screen I see when connecting to the machine.
I see there in the server status tab my own user connected at the same time as my only connection attempt.
I understand this list as a list of users connected before on the machine. I tough as the free version is mono-user I should try to disconnect the user I see in the list. But I’m getting disconnected, so it seems I’m disconnecting myself.

Note that I’m doing all this over ssh port forwarding of the server port 4000 on my local machine port 4444. I did forward only the TCP port 4000 but in the “connection information” menu of the NX Client I see “NX on port 4444 with RT port 4969” the 4444 is the forwarder server port 4000 but the “RT port 4969” is my local port on the local server which is also running (I think). Can’t this be a problem?

I’m attaching also the connection information screen.