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I have now tested with 4.0.365 and it seems the BSOD’s are fixed. I still am not able to redirect any devices with success. I can connect them and all seems well then whatever program I am running that interacts with a device locks up. For instance I am trying to use a HP Scanjet G3110 scanner in a windows 7 Virtual machine and it will not work. I have tried it from a kubuntu 13.04 workstation to the windows 7 vm and from a windows 7 workstation to the same windows 7 vm and also from a kubuntu workstation to a physical windows 7 workstation to rule out vmware virtual machine all with the same results. I can however connect the same scanner from a kubuntu workstation to a kubuntu vm and it works flawlessly. Another example is just a simple USB thumb drive. It will connect and seems normal. I can open a word document from the drive and when I try and save it I just get the busy cursor, after about 10 minutes or so it will actually save it. If I copy a 50 kb document to the drive it takes 5-10 minutes. By the way I had not mentioned before this is all being done over gigabit LAN. Any ideas on something to try would be appreciated. I really need this USB redirection to work.