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Could you please reiterate, step by step, what you are doing to get the error message? From your post I understand that you have been successfully logging in as root to your machine using key authentication. Then you’ve created a new user (let’s call him USER1). Should this user authenticate using his username and password instead of the key or do you want USER1 to be authenticated also via key? In any case, please clarify the following:

1) Are you using NX protocol or SSH protocol?

2) Have you set proper authentication method in NoMachine GUI (Key or Password)?

3) In the case of key authentication – have you pointed NoMachine to the appropriate private key (the one for USER1). Have you put the public part in the appropriate place on the host?

Attaching (or send to ¬†issues[at] if file is large) log files from both sides of the connection would also be helpful to us. Please remember to set in Player’s settings to not delete logs (Setting -> Appearance -> Don’t delete old log files on exit), reproduce the issue and on the client side:

<your_home_dir>/.nx   <РCompress this directory and send it to us

On the server side:

/usr/NX/var/log <– Compress this directory and send it to us.

Thank you.