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    Lloyd Andrew

    Perhaps I need more information:  I don’t see “Show the service status” anywhere, but I see “Shut down the server” on the Server status dialog, which already says “Server not running.”  From the NoMachine Service / Server Preferences dialog, “Start automatic services at startup” and Advertise this computer on the local network” are unchecked.  “Startup” says “Manual, and “Status” says “Stopped” as I already mentioned.

    I did find under Windows services, however, an entry for “NoMachine Device Server” / nxservice which was Started with Startup type “Automatic (Delayed Start)”.  I stopped that and set the Startup type to “Manual.”  That removed all the NoMachine processes from Task Manager and they did not start again after a reboot, which explains my main question.

    But I still don’t see where this is controlled from NoMachine.  The comment under “Start automatic services at startup” (which, as I said, is unchecked) reads “Services marked as automatic will be started when the machine starts.”  Is that referring to the Windows dialog?  All of the “Forwarded devices” are checked, but the comment there reads “Select which devices can be made available when connected,” and there is no connection.

    I now remember a couple months ago trying to setup remote device access and never got it to work (I was mainly interested in a USB disk drive).  Evidently the screen, keyboard and mouse services are distinct from other devices.  Is there a tutorial somewhere for setting up access to a remote disk drive (on both ends)?  I can’t find any.  It would be helpful to clearly distinguish client and server settings in all situations, and I find some of these ambiguous.


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