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    Just to let you know:
    As Tor hinted, disconnecting the monitor from the PC allows choosing whatever legit resolution on the host. Reboot required, yes.

    Problem solved. Can trash MS RDC.

    Thanks to everyone who helped.

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    Thnx for the interest in my question 🙂

    when you say the graphics card “knows” 1650×1050 resolution, do you mean that such resolution is available if you open the system resolution settings on your Windows machine?

    First of all, I GOOFED for the whole OP: it’s 1680×1050! Not 1650×1050. Apologies.

    To the point: No. Settings show only the monitor’s legit resolutions. Being a 4:3, it doesn’t allow 1680×1050, which is a 16:10 res. Besides it’s simply too high res for the 17″ I’m using. Card specs say 1680×1050 is available, though (with the correct monitor), and I could force it in the advanced cards controls (don’t try this at home).

    Does the RDC client connect to the physical desktop of your Windows machine, or does it connect to a virtual desktop (which is possible with Professional Windows versions)?

    Using Free on a Mac as a client and Free on Windows as host/streamer, as per OP.

    Regarding the two checkboxes, “Match the client resolution upon connecting” will make the remote desktop resize to the biggest resolution, among available ones, that would fit in your client monitor. This is done every time you connect to the remote desktop.
    “Use custom resolution” will make the remote desktop immediately resize to the given resolution or to the nearest one.

    Ah, this makes sense! Thanks for the insight 🙂

    So, no joy 🙁 either with NoMachine Free and NoMachine Pro (virtual desktops are unavalable for Macs, isn’t it?).
    Pity: adjusting to client’s resolution works so seamlessly in MS RDC… this could have me ruling NoMachine out.

    Wondering what would it happen if I disconnect the monitor from the PC. Would the Mac client force 1680×1050 on a non-existent monitor? Or would the PC just stick to the last used resolution? Mhhh… will give a try.

Viewing 2 posts - 1 through 2 (of 2 total)