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    Thanks for the prompt replay, Britgirl.

    I’ve answered your questions between you lines below.Hi, I assume you are connecting to a Linux server, if so is Wayland or Xorg the display server?

    —- Yes. Xorg.

    What distro and version is on the server side?

    —- MX-21.3

    What OS and version is on the Player side?

    —- MX-19.4

    What NoMachine product and version did you install?

    —- nomachine_8.5.3_1_amd64

    What type of NoMachine session are you starting?

    —- I connect to the laptop to make some simple adjustment, like changing a setting on a video or change a system setting.


    What desktop environment are you connecting to?

    —- xfce on both machines.


    What are the steps to reproduce the problem?

    —- I click through all the screens that come up to eventually connect to the laptop. See archive attached.

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