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    NX Server searches for every non-NX X server and makes it available to attach to. The result could be limited to the particular DISPLAY by node configuration key:

    # Specify on which physical display the server must connect.
    # DisplayDefault :0

    What you are seeing is normal.  Right now it is not possible to filter out non-NX X servers. We could consider adding a node configuration key to allow nxserver to filter out, in your case, the xvnc servers.

    in reply to: Problem to connect a Fedora PC #9444

    NoMachine doesn’t currently support the Wayland X server (though we are working on adding it) and Fedora 23 uses this X server as default. You can temporarily switch to lightdm which will use Xorg instead.

    Steps to change display manager from gdm to lightdm are as follows:

    Install lightdm:
    [root@test01 ~]# dnf install lightdm

    Disable GDM:
    [root@test01 ~]# systemctl disable gdm

    Enable LightDM:
    [root@test01 ~]# systemctl enable lightdm

    Reboot to make changes effective:
    [root@test01 ~]# reboot


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    You can remove local node using nxserver –nodedel localhost:22.

Viewing 3 posts - 91 through 93 (of 93 total)