Reply To: Desktop lost


With the previous version I used KDE-desktop. Now when i start a nomachine session, it waits a long time and gives me a gnome-session, with a screensaver of long time ago. There are no icons and no menu-bars. The Desktop locks.

Set the DefaultDesktopCommand key to the same value set already set in CommandStartKDE in the node.cfg. Alternatively,  set the ConnectPolicy key to desktop=1. More about the default desktop in version 4 is here:

The main Desktop, Alt-F7 on the console, tries to start but without success. It repositions/restores to a normal char-mode login.

The log files will be useful. Send us the $HOME/.xsession-errors and  /var/log/Xorg.0.log files.  Attach them here. Alternatively, send them to issues[at]