Reply To: Desktop lost


Maybe you misunderstood the problem.

I installed with rpm the version nx-server 4

I logged in with nx-client 4 using my profile then i used profile physical screen
and then it happened

I lost display for my profile and on the physical(console = alt-F7 for Centos5)

I reinstalled nx-server 3 and still I had no display for my profile and on the console

I still had a display for all other users who weren’t tried with nx-server 4

So, nx-server 4 does something that after a while blocks the display of a desktop

Block display means: background is still there but no more menus or icons and no input possible

I joined the files .xsession-errors and /var/log/Xorg.0

I really hope you can do something because I have this problem with 2 clients, and I’m already blocked for 4 days.

Thanks for help