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There is a Feature Request which you can see here:

This is still working, but you’ve to start the player with the ‘–exit’ command line option, e.g. nxplayer –session file.nxs –exit

I just confirmed that –exit (to minuses) is in fact in the 4.1 build.   This was missing in earlier releases and seems to be working.

Excellent!! Thank you!

But it will be more useful if you could say about “–exit” option in –help 😉


$ /usr/NX/bin/nxplayer –help

NXPLAYER – Version 4.1.29

Usage: nxplayer [OPTIONS]


Run nxplayer reading global configuration settings from the file

FILENAME. FILENAME can either be an absolute or relative path. In

the latter case the path is searched for starting from the current

directory. If no FILENAME is found in the current directory then

FILENAME is searched for starting from the user’s home directory.

If DIRECTORY is given and a file ‘client.cfg’ is found in that di-

rectory, then the global configuration settings are read from this

file. The filename does not need to end with the string ‘.cfg’.


Display this help and exit.

–session FILENAME

Run a session reading the configuration settings from FILENAME.

–recording FILENAME

Run the playback of the session video FILENAME.


Output version information and exit.