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Hi plop38746,

“When I follow the article instruction to build the module I get the error posted below.”

please do not use ‘sudo make’ because sudo drops the PWD environment variable and causes compilation problems. We have just updated to state it more clearly.

Additionally we found that there is a compilation error (the fix will be shipped with the new packages that we will release soon).

You can fix the problem manually:

IMPORTANT: Let’s assume that NoMachine is installed in /usr/NX.

1. Navigate to /usr/NX/share/src/nxusb

2. Edit ‘vhub.h’ file in your favourite text editor.
If you’re using vi or vim you can skip directly to the line in question:

$ vim vhub.h +60

3. Edit the 60th line that currently is:


to have:

enum { VHUB_NUM_PORTS = 15 };

4. Save the changes in file (:wq in vim).

5. You are now ready to compile the module.

6. Be sure that you run ‘make’ as non-privileged user:

$ make

If the build fails due to permission problems, run the following command:

$ sudo rm -rf /usr/NX/share/src/nxusb/include/linux

And then retry:

$ make

If there are still problems with permissions, run the compilation as root. Use ‘su’ and then run the ‘make’ command.