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Hi Enrico.

A rootless application requires a windowing system handling the application’s window geometry, visibility, etc. (i.e. operations that you normally do by using the window frame on a desktop OS). This kind of window management is not offered by Android so running an application in rootless mode is not allowed.

When you run a custom session it automatically creates a virtual desktop, which explains why you don’t see two different options in the custom session configuration.

In order to run a custom application on mobile you have a couple of options.

· Run the application by using the ‘-geometry’ option, for example

/path/to/application -geometry wxh+0+0

where “w” and “h” are width and height of the screen of your Android device, and “+0+0” means that the origin of the window must be the origin of the display. The application will cover all the available area.

· Run a script executing a window manager and your application, for example

/usr/bin/metacity &

Replace “metacity” with the window manager you prefer. You can use the window manager to maximize the application’s window like you do on desktop.