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    May I ask if there’s an Android version of NoMachine already? Does anyone successfully tried it? Thanks


    NoMachine for Android tablets is available. (both from our website and Playstore)

    Also check out the tutorial:


    Hello, the android version seems to be missing the option to open a new session in “floating window” or “new virtual desktop” mode.

    Is this option going to be included in the next version?

    Unfortunately, it seems that i can only access my remote computer when the  “new virtual desktop” mode is used (I tested this by installing the new machine client on my linux desktop and in the linux version the two options can be selected just before opening the session).

    Therefore, I’m currently unable to use the android version to access my remote computer.

    Thank you in advance.

    Best regards.


    Hi Enrico.

    A rootless application requires a windowing system handling the application’s window geometry, visibility, etc. (i.e. operations that you normally do by using the window frame on a desktop OS). This kind of window management is not offered by Android so running an application in rootless mode is not allowed.

    When you run a custom session it automatically creates a virtual desktop, which explains why you don’t see two different options in the custom session configuration.

    In order to run a custom application on mobile you have a couple of options.

    · Run the application by using the ‘-geometry’ option, for example

    /path/to/application -geometry wxh+0+0

    where “w” and “h” are width and height of the screen of your Android device, and “+0+0” means that the origin of the window must be the origin of the display. The application will cover all the available area.

    · Run a script executing a window manager and your application, for example

    /usr/bin/metacity &

    Replace “metacity” with the window manager you prefer. You can use the window manager to maximize the application’s window like you do on desktop.

Viewing 4 posts - 1 through 4 (of 4 total)

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