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When I turned off the Windows firewall on the local machine it seemed to connect, but the connection was really, really slow.

You said that it reports different errors when the connection fails. If the connection is blocked by the firewall it should always fail with “connection timeout” or, less commonly, with a “I/O error”, if the firewall is accepting and then closing the connection, but always in the same way. Please confirm that this is the case. Also: either the firewall is off or it is on. If it is on and NoMachine can connect, I presume the firewall is not working very well, that may be unlikely. NoMachine, at setup, opens the ports it is using on the firewall. Either opening the ports worked or not worked. I don’t think the firewall can let the connection succeed at random. But it can be that all connection succeeded, and later the sessions failed for some other NoMachine problem. In this case the firewall is not the culprit.

About the slowness, it can be caused by the use of UDP on a extremely congested network or the VPN software slowing down UDP to prioritize other traffic. Are you connecting the two machines using the VPN? Try to disable UDP going in the connection settings, Edit -> Advanced -> set “Use UDP” off. Also, be sure the machine can connect and the connection works fine on the LAN before adding the VPN to the game.

Since I can’t get beyond the login screen, I have no way of knowing.

You can log in on the physical screen, then connect later, after you have gone past the login.

We were able to reproduce this input bug in the login screen. There is another important bug having to do with Active Directory accounts. We hope to be able to release both fixes shortly.