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Thanks for the reply. When checking, please note that the remote environment is Amazon EC2 Red Hat 7 t2.micro instance. one can have that environment in no more than 5 minutes and at no cost. For your reference, following are the results returned from “sudo yum group list” in the instance.

Loaded plugins: aliases, amazon-id, changelog, kabi, langpacks, rhui-lb, tmprepo, verify, versionlock
Loading support for Red Hat kernel ABI
Installed environment groups:
Server with GUI
Available environment groups:
Minimal Install
Infrastructure Server
File and Print Server
Basic Web Server
Virtualization Host
Installed groups:
Compatibility Libraries
Development Tools
Graphical Administration Tools
System Administration Tools
System Management
Available Groups:
Console Internet Tools
Legacy UNIX Compatibility
Scientific Support
Security Tools
Smart Card Support

Looking forward to a feedback from the dev team.