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    Hi, I took a further look at this Cloud Server (I had already looked in the past). It seems that it has really been improved in so many aspects, especially on the remote admin side of the nodes. We are seriously interested in buying the product because it does exactly what we need. Then I realized that this need we had, there was no other product that satisfied it. What inspired you? Is there a similar product? I know we shouldn’t ask this because it’s not your job to give us suggestions on alternative products 🙂 But is there an alternative product that you actually considered?


    Good question. Actually no. But we thought of a product that would solve the same problems that we have within our company and that of our customers who’ve told us about the problems they have within their own organization to manage a large number of machines; machines that can be virtual but also physical, even servers, or users’ desktops. If we were to tell you the truth and say what the alternative products are, we would frankly tell you that there aren’t any 🙂

    If we were to think of alternative products, we can think of the system with which you carry out management and access the virtual machines that, for example, Amazon AWS makes available. We could say the management and access system to the virtual machines that Google Cloud makes available, and we could also say the management and access system that Microsoft makes available on MS Azure. However, these are all “products” that are integrated with the access system to the Amazon, Google and MS Cloud Systems and for access to their virtual machines. If we had to name a product that does it on physical machines for use within your company, we don’t know of one. Indeed, since you have done this analysis, if you could tell us who they are, you would be doing us a big favor!

Viewing 2 posts - 1 through 2 (of 2 total)

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