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    I gladly found out that I can run NoMachine on my old tablet stuck with Android 4.4.
    At least I can now take my linux desktop into my sleeping room …

    But what I cannot figure out and no searches helped me:

    I understood I should simulate a right mouse click by tapping on the screen and hold the finger on it (=the screen).

    But as soon as I leave my finger on the screen for just a glimpse of a moment longer, the setting menu will appear as a screen overlay. To make things worse, the mouse will be in the right bottom corner after I leave the settings screen.

    I think I don’t see the obvious?


    I tried on Android 11, Samsung Galaxy S10plus and right mouse click works as expected by holding the finger on the screen.
    Can you tell os what is the Linux OS and Desktop environment, and as well can you try to change if there is different behavior when you change “Pointer mode”. (see screenshot)


    The Linux Desktop is an archlinux running xfce4.
    My android Device is an acer A3-A20FHD.

    I took a screenshot from the plain desktop and wanted to show what happens after a long tap taking a second screenshot:

    Now the context menu of the right mouse button appears instead of the setting screen – as it should.

    Don’t know what changed.

    I fooled around with the settings “show remote cursor pointer” and “Enable pointer mode”, the last one activates itself but I can see no influence to the input behaviour.

    So far sorry for the noise, I hold my breath it stays the way it is at the moment.


    I am glad that it helped.

Viewing 4 posts - 1 through 4 (of 4 total)

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