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    Whenever my Raspberry Pi reboots, sometimes the IP address in the nx://72.95.*.* URL changes.  When I’m in the same room as the Pi this is no hardship, but at some point I will be placing the Pi on a different network in a distant location where determining the “global” NX IP address will be difficult if not impossible.

    I gave the Pi a static IP address on my local network’s router, but the IP in the nx URL changed the last time I rebooted the Pi.

    Is a static IP for an nx URL possible?

    On the Pi, I have installed NoMachine 6.7.6_3_armv6hf.deb .  My Pi’s version of Raspbian is Stretch.

    Love NoMachine…thanks!


    NoMachine Network feature is perfect solution for this case ( You can sign up to the ‘notify me’ in order to know when it has been implemented.

    To solve problem on this moment you may use the Dynamic DNS eg., You should be able to configure this service on your router. Software which would inform DDNS about changing the IP address may be also installed on the Raspbian on which you have installed NoMachine. You can find some useful information about that here:


    Thank you!  I have registered to be notified when NoMachine network is implemented.  In the meantime I will investigate these dynamic DNS solutions.

Viewing 3 posts - 1 through 3 (of 3 total)

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