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    Hello all!

    New NX user here. Server is a CentOS 6.5 box running 4.3.24 (from the RPM). Client is a Mac, also running 4.3.24.

    I can connect fine; no issues there. The problem I have is that the sound redirection isn’t working. I need server audio to play from the client. Audio plays fine out of the server’s hardware output. The client can also play audio from other applications, of course.

    nxserver –resourcelist tells me “audio” is “yes”. Beyond that, I have no idea how to begin troubleshooting this.

    The server in question has one sound card, with one input and one output. It’s running ALSA (and only ALSA) per requirements of the software package I’m most concerned about. Said package is specifically not compatible with ESD, Pulse, etc., so I cannot simply change my sound daemon.

    From what I’ve read, ALSA support is a relatively new addition here. But I’ve been unable to find anything more about it.

    Need to find a way to get this working! Any ideas? Where to begin?




    Please assure that key AudioInterface in node.cfg is set to ‘alsa’.


    Just checked; it wasn’t. Despite changing it from Pulse to “alsa” and restarting, I still have no sound at the client. Anything else I should look for?



    In order to debug your issue we need some information about your problem. Please follow this steps:

    1. Inside NoMachine session open terminal and type ‘export’. Please, copy output and send us information

    2. In node.cfg (/usr/NX/etc/node.cfg) please change ‘#SessionLogLevel 6’ to ‘SessionLogLevel 8’. After this reproduce your problem with no sound and  send logs from server (all files from directory /usr/NX/var).

    3. Also information from /proc/asoud/ can be usefull, please prepare archive (sudo tar -czf AlsaLog.tar.gz /proc/asoud) and send us AlsaLog.tar.gz archive.

    4. Send all information to issues[at]nomachine[dot]com


    Thank you for your cooperation



    SessionLogLevel 8

    Is it a new log level? 🙂

Viewing 5 posts - 1 through 5 (of 5 total)

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