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    I am new to NoMachine and am trying it out to provide remote access to PCs at my home and my parents’ home and to VMs that I run in the cloud.  I am most curious about the ability to remotely access my PCs and VMs via HTTPS as I am often having to connect to them from within my customers’ networks and laptops.  I have tested the remote access via HTTPS, and it works quite well.  However, I really want the audio to work as I cannot install the full NoMachine client on the customer laptops I must use for work.  Currently, I have tried enabling the WebRTC feature via the server.cfg file, and I get the issue where the remote connection does not ever really connect.  I just get the spinning icon.  Can anyone assist with this issue?  I am having trouble finding much information about this.


    Are you connecting with Chrome? There is a known issue specific to the Chrome browser which can monitor using this link:

    Could you try connecting with an alternative browser and tell us if you still see the spinning wheel?

Viewing 2 posts - 1 through 2 (of 2 total)

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